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3 Easy Ways to Edit a Footer in WordPress Like a Pro

Overview: Edit your website’s footer area to help visitors, improve SEO, and your business All top WordPress themes come with a footer widget area that’s easy to edit. However, editing the footer can be tricky because some themes do things differently than other themes. That is, how you edit a footer in one theme might not be quite the same as you do in another theme. Nonetheless, you can improve this regardless of your theme area by adding widgets, removing links, adding code, and even creating fully custom footers for different pages. WHAT IS THE FOOTER AREA: Can I remove

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WordPress vs. WebFlow: 3 Important Comparisons for Web-building (Part II)

Overview: We’re giving more insight to help make your decision between WordPress and WebFlow a bit easier Why do so many people compare WordPress to WebFlow? We talked about this in the first part of this article, but both share similarities that are hard to miss. These similarities thus make it difficult to talk about either without mentioning the other. This results in what seems like never-ending comparisons. It’s true that both WordPress and WebFlow are popular website-building platforms with various features, designs, and plans. There are key distinctions, however, that can help drive your decision. Previously, we talked about

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