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Website Stand Out

5 Ways To Make Your Website Stand Out

Your website can either drive customers to your business or drive them away from your business. Whether it’s the wrong choice of typography (did some say Comic Sans?), a mobile UN-friendly site, or impaired SEO, there are many factors that could make your website might pale in comparison to your competitors.

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Blog Post

How do I Add a WordPress Blog Post?

Blogs give your website substance–words for Google to find and information your readers will cherish. So make sure to prioritize this aspect of your site and post blogs regularly. Doing so is essential not only for the added resources a blog can provide but for the overall performance of your website. You may have heard of search engine optimization or SEO. This is the marketing tactic that employs the strategic wording and structuring of blogs for Google’s best chances of finding your site. And blogs are a great way to implement this critical aspect of your overall marketing. With more

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