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common WordPress problems

How to fix common WordPress problems at home

If you’re experiencing common WordPress errors and problems, you might be able to fix them from the comfort of your own home. The reality is that WordPress does have quite a number of common errors and problems. They can be difficult and tricky to fix on your own, but they are fixable (with some technical knowledge). If you do find that the technical aspect of fixing these common problems is out of your range, you might want to just bite the bullet and hire a professional to take a couple of hours to fix them for you. That being said,

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How To Add A Google Search Console And Install Google Analytics Into WordPress

If you are looking for how to add Google Analytics into WordPress as well as adding a search console to your website, this article will cover that very topic. Formally called “Google Webmaster Tools,” Google Analytics is ground-level basic website tracking that can be installed into WordPress websites. The importance of having Google Analytics installed into WordPress for your website is that this allows you to keep track of how online visitors interact with your website. Essentially, this lets you know what is and is not working for your website, what you can afford to remove, and what you might

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