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How to Disable the WordPress Block Editor’s Fullscreen Mode With a Plugin

How To Disable WordPress Fullscreen Editor Mode

Summary: Learn how to disable Fullscreen Editor Mode on WordPress with a plugin! Do you want to disable the fullscreen editor in WordPress? After the update, WordPress 5.4 introduced Fullscreen Mode as default for the Gutenberg editor. This feature now opens the post and page editor in fullscreen mode by default. While this distraction-free mode offers a clean and easy to use experience, not everyone wants to open a post or page in the fullscreen mod without your WordPress Admin Menu or Bar and some users may want to go back to the regular compact view. In this article, we’ll

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Using WordPress: Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS for a more secure site

Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS has historically been viewed as tedious, but it looks like it just got a bit easier with a potential one-click interaction  WordPress just made the switch from HTTP to HTTPS less windy for site users everywhere. Why even migrate in the first place? Well, for one, site security. Besides understanding how the HTTP/HTTPS disconnect came to be, we’ll also consider the following: Benefits of having an HTTPS website, including security; Common challenges that might be faced when migrating; and How to easily migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. The sudden need for HTTPS sites instead of

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Finding the right hosting service for your WordPress site

Learn what hosting service is best for you site by comparing what’s available to your specific industry needs.  The type of WordPress site you have will determine what hosting service you should use. We’ve talked about this before in our article, “What Is The Best Website Design For Your Restaurant?” and it’s still a very relevant topic. Though we’re not focusing solely on the restaurant industry for business, this article will be more inclusive and detailed.  It’s true, the business you run should influence the website you need and have, and the website you need and have should influence the

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how to speed up a slow website

My WordPress Site Is Slow, How Do I Speed It Up?

Time is money, so knowing how to speed up a slow website is important. The latter affects your search engine ranking and user experience. In fact, studies show that if websites don’t load within 2- to 3-seconds, there is a significant amount of users who will leave the website before it’s fully loaded, resulting in a lost opportunity. Specifically, with WordPress, it can be very challenging to get a site to load within 3 seconds, and there is a wide variety of reasons for that. This is why it’s important to know how to speed up your WordPress website’s speed.

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common WordPress problems

How to fix common WordPress problems at home

If you’re experiencing common WordPress errors and problems, you might be able to fix them from the comfort of your own home. The reality is that WordPress does have quite a number of common errors and problems. They can be difficult and tricky to fix on your own, but they are fixable (with some technical knowledge). If you do find that the technical aspect of fixing these common problems is out of your range, you might want to just bite the bullet and hire a professional to take a couple of hours to fix them for you. That being said,

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