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Embed a Video on a WordPress Site

How to Embed a Video on a WordPress Site or Blog

Overview: By including videos from YouTube or similar sites on your WordPress website or blog, you can add a story-telling element that intrigues and engages your audience and keeps their eyes on your site. Here’s all you need to know about how and why behind embedding videos!  Much like pictures, videos are a fantastic tool to attract, engage, and convert visitors to your website. Video content is powerful, which is why more than 80% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool, resulting in a better conversion rate and increased sales. If you’re ready to add an audio-visual component to

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How to Fix Missed Scheduled Post Issues

Overview: It’s quite frustrating when WordPress fails to publish a scheduled post at the correct time. What’s the point of scheduling a post if it doesn’t get posted? But fixing this problem might be easier than you think. Read on to learn more! Having the ability to schedule your WordPress posts in advance is a wonderful convenience. For bloggers and other WordPress users, there’s a real feeling of peace of mind that comes with knowing that pending posts will go live exactly when they need to.  You don’t have to sit there staring at the clock and waiting to click

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How to Install a Plugin: A Step-by-Step Guide

Overview: Plugins enhance your website’s functionality, and WordPress is full of plugins to choose from. If you’re interested in adding some plugins, you’ll be glad to know that the process of installing a plugin doesn’t require difficult coding.  So what do you actually need to do?  Keep reading to find out! When you first dive into the world of WordPress options and features, one of the first things you’ll discover is the abundance of plugins that are available to add to your website. With over 55,000 plugins available to download, it’s a sure thing that there’s one out there that will make

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WordPress Pages vs. Posts: What’s the Difference?

Overview: When you’re creating your WordPress website, you have the option of creating new posts or new pages. But what’s the difference, and in what situations should you use each one? Read on to get the scoop! As you work on your WordPress website, you’ll probably find yourself wondering about the purpose of pages and posts, and the difference between the two — especially if you’re a WordPress newbie. In WordPress, there are two quick ways to add content to your website or blog: You can write a post, or you can create a page. While the two may look similar to

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How to Make A Mobile-Friendly Website

Overview: A mobile-friendly website boosts your traffic. Here are some ideas to ensure that your site passes the phone test!  Smartphones quickly went from an expensive and newfangled technology to an integral part of our everyday lives. Today, we find it strange if somebody leaves their house without their phone. From hospital rooms to grocery stores and restaurants, people staring at their phones is a normal sight. For website owners, it’s high time to bid adieu to creating a website in the old-fashioned way and come up with a good mobile-friendly user experience. In the second quarter of 2022, mobile

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The Effects of Voice Search Optimization on SEO – Tips & Tricks

Overview: Discover how voice search affects the SEO of websites and how they might be making a difference in your site’s traffic.    If you use Siri on your phone, or digital assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you’ve probably experienced voice search. It’s so convenient to get information from a device by verbally asking a question instead of typing out your query. When you conduct a voice search, the device usually provides a direct answer or cites information found on a website. There are a lot of these devices in use now, so they’ve inevitably become entwined with the

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