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What You Don’t See Can Harm You

Understanding encrypted traffic (the invisible website killer)

Inspecting encrypted traffic to avoid malicious users or programs from harming your website Traffic encryption, known officially as hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS), is a method of securing the transmission of information to and from a website. It could also be the #1 killer of your website. We’re all about solving website problems and addressing issues before they affect your business. So talking about internet traffic encryption is vital. Own a business? Have clients? Collecting data from visitors? Use the internet? Care about your sensitive information being leaked online? Concerned about your online security? If any of these apply to

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How To Become A Successful WordPress Blogger (Part II)

Follow these easy tips and avoid bounce rates while establishing a successful WordPress blog in 2021  If you’ve clicked on this article then you’re interested in learning about how to become a successful WordPress blogger. WordPress has about 60 million blogs with over 409 million people viewing more than 20 billion pages each month, so taking an interest in the Blog Beast makes sense. (And don’t let the statistics intimidate you… it just means you’re not in this alone.)  In this final half of this two-part blog, we’ll be discussing the remaining additional tips for successful WordPress blogging: Developing multimedia

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The Secrets To Successful WordPress Bloggers

6 easy tips to become a successful WordPress blogger (part I)

Anyone can run a blog, but what about a successful blog? Avoid bounce rates and create a successful WordPress blog in 2021 (and maintain it) with these easy tips! We’ve all followed at least one WordPress blog where we felt the blogger was an expert at what they did. Maybe their niche was right up our alley. Or maybe we simply liked how easy their content was to digest.  Regardless of the reason, we can’t deny that behind every successful WordPress blogger is an even more successful technique. The truth is that anyone can run a blog. But being able to

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How WordPress Has Changed

How WordPress Has Changed Over The Past 10 Years

Overview: From the abandoned b2/Cafelog software to the world’s largest blogging platform, we’re celebrating a recent anniversary by taking a look at the evolution of WordPress! We can’t talk about the history of websites and blogging without taking into consideration the history of WordPress — blogging, websites, and WordPress are almost synonymous at this point in time. Yes, the popular website builder powers more than 41 percent of all websites on the internet. Yes, that’s commendable. But what more is there to WordPress than it’s popularity? The first version of WordPress Automattic and WordPress’s trademarking Let’s take a look at

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