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Cost to build a WordPress website

How Much Does it Cost to Build a WordPress Website

You’re an entrepreneur, you run a non-profit, you offer innovative ideas to the world, and you want a website to show it all off. But, in your efforts to spend wisely, you may be wondering just how much it will cost to build a site that matches the quality of your services or products. Your website is the most vital promotional aspect of your business, and as such, it should be high-performing and attractive in design. So how much will you have to pay for such a product? In this article, we’ll discuss the aspects which might affect the price

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how to make my website secure

How Do I Make My WordPress Website Secure?

Security plugin Security on the hosting level Get an SSL license Change your admin URL Create Complicated and Unique Passwords Limit your login attempts Use secure passwords Keep your info safe Use a browser with good security The web is a world full of thieves, robbers, scheming hackers, and more. Around every corner is a villain out to ruin our plans for online success. And so, we must stay vigilant. But, (cue the Spiderman theme song), there is help to come. No longer must we live in fear of villain scammers. Your friendly neighborhood security protocol is here to save

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Website Host

How Do I Select a Website Host For My WordPress Website

A Good Reputation A Modern Infrastructure Speed Optimized Backups and Support Security A website will house your brilliant ideas and display your innovative products. It is your window to the world, your means of outreach, and your online version of a brick and mortar store. And like a physical storefront you might find in a shopping center, a website is a member of a larger host of other sites. That’s why, when you set up your website, you’ll require a website hosting service. Just as you would pay rent for a physical location, a website owner must pay for their

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create a WordPress website

How to Create a WordPress Website

7 steps to starting your website or WordPress blog! Picking a domain name Create and gather all of your written and image content Choose a reputable website hosting service Installing WordPress Login and general settings Selecting a theme Creating Pages You’ve created a new product, mastered a niche service, or had an extraordinary epiphany, and you’d like to share it with the world. This is the opportunity a WordPress site or blog can provide– a voice and a platform on which to share your ideas. No need to keep your amazingness hidden away. Make it available for all to enjoy!

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