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How to Create Members-Only Content in WordPress

Overview: Learn how to create members-only content in WordPress with this step-by-step guide.   Are you looking to add members-only content to your website or blog? Do you want to provide exclusive content to your most loyal (or financially supportive) fans and members? Before we proceed, let’s clarify what we mean by “members-only content”. Essentially, members-only content is any content you create that’s hidden from the general public and can only be accessed by members who have signed up or paid for special access to your website. This could include anything from exclusive blog posts to bonus podcast episodes, from

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How to Find WordPress Support in 2023

Overview: Having trouble with your WordPress site? Don’t panic! We’ll walk you through all the available options to get the help you need to keep your site running smoothly, so you can focus on what really matters – creating amazing content!  Read on to learn how to find WordPress support in 2023! Are you a WordPress user experiencing a technical issue or seeking support? While WordPress is an incredibly powerful platform, it can be overwhelming for beginners. WordPress is renowned for its robustness and flexibility, but like any platform, it’s not perfect. Users do occasionally run into issues or require

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Staging Sites

Staging Sites: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Overview: Learn what a staging site is and how it works in website development. Discover the benefits of using a staging site to test changes before pushing them to your live website. Here’s how you can treamline the development process and ensure the best user experience with this guide on staging sites!  Have you ever made changes to your website, only to realize later that something went wrong? Maybe a plugin caused a conflict, or your new design didn’t look as good as you’d hoped. Whatever the case, these types of issues can be frustrating, time-consuming, and potentially damaging to

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Why Is Facebook Showing the Wrong Thumbnail for My WordPress Post? (And How to Fix It)

Overview: It’s a satisfying feeling when you finish writing a WordPress post and link to it on Facebook to share it with the world. But it’s frustrating when Facebook shows the wrong thumbnail! Here’s what you need to know about why this happens and what you can do about it. If you are a blogger or a website owner who frequently shares your WordPress posts on Facebook, you might have encountered this issue: You create a WordPress post, you publish it, and you paste the link into Facebook… only to find that Facebook shows the wrong thumbnail for your post!  This

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Why Should You Hire an Agency to Handle Your Website Rather Than an Individual Freelancer?

Overview: Discover the benefits of hiring an agency to handle your website, rather than an individual freelancer. With a team of experts, more resources, better reliability, ongoing support, and better communication, an agency can provide you with the website you need to succeed in today’s digital world!   When talking to potential clients, we occasionally hear, “Well, I do know somebody who does website stuff…” It’s a common and unsurprising phenomenon that small business owners are likely to reach out to a freelancer for website assistance in an attempt to save themselves time and some cash. But we’d like to

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How to Set Your WordPress Home Page

Overview: Learn how to set up your WordPress home page in a few easy steps! With a great home page, you can create a strong first impression for your visitors and achieve your online goals — greatly increasing your organic traffic! Read on for our advice!   Your WordPress home page is the first thing visitors lay eyes on when they land on your website. It’s the gateway to your brand and also the hub of your online presence. Since your WordPress home page is the front door to your virtual home, it’s important to make sure that visitors are

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