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How to Start a Web Development Career in 2022 (and be Successful)

Learn how to become a web developer in 2022 whether you have a degree or not. So you want to become a web developer? That’s great! We happen to think web development (and design) is critical in today’s digital world. As businesses rely more on websites — and their overall online presence — to reconnect with their customers and the community, web development is a career that’s becoming something like a necessity for businesses large and small all around the world. >> RELATED READING: 5 Ways to Make Your Website Stand Out Thankfully, there are several ways you can accomplish your

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Everything You Should Know About Ecommerce Chatbots in 2022

Overview: Find out if eCommerce bots are posing a threat to your website, business, and clients. Large-scale shopping bot campaigns are being executed through the use of parking, monetization, and email forwarding. Learning how to analyze suspected fraudulent user accounts and associated orders is the first step that could help keep you and your clients safe. “Bot attacks can result in poor website performance, site downtime, exposure of sensitive customer data, and lost revenue,” according to Data Dom. It is therefore imperative that online retailers implement and maintain robust security measures against malicious bots. We’ll be considering the following: Understanding

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Add Google Analytics to WordPress

3 Ways to Add Google Analytics to WordPress for Website Tracking

Google Analytics is one of the easiest ways to track and report your traffic on WordPress. This can be done either with a plugin or manually. Before we address both methods, though, let’s understand why anyone who runs a website should add Google Analytics to it. The Importance of Adding Google Analytics to Your Website: Once you start a blog, your main goal is to get more traffic and subscribers. According to WP Beginner, Google Analytics “help you make data-driven decisions by showing you the stats that matter.” With this, you can see the following 5 pieces of information: Who

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Have You Hit a Blogging Wall? Reasons + Advice for Losing Momentum

Overview: With blog content creation being a top priority of more than 50% of corporate marketers, learn how to avoid stagnant content creation Blogging has many benefits; however, even with the ability to reach, engage, and convert prospects, your blogging might start to slow down until it becomes, well, stagnant.   Why would your blog be experiencing a wall, especially if you’re in a corporate industry where part of your marketing budget is dedicated to blogging? Entrepreneur gives great insight as to why this could be happening, for corporations or not: No Content Calendar No Ideas Not Enough Contributors Focusing

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3 Easy Ways to Edit a Footer in WordPress Like a Pro

Overview: Edit your website’s footer area to help visitors, improve SEO, and your business All top WordPress themes come with a footer widget area that’s easy to edit. However, editing the footer can be tricky because some themes do things differently than other themes. That is, how you edit a footer in one theme might not be quite the same as you do in another theme. Nonetheless, you can improve this regardless of your theme area by adding widgets, removing links, adding code, and even creating fully custom footers for different pages. WHAT IS THE FOOTER AREA: Can I remove

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