Best Websites Powered by WordPress

The Best Websites Powered by WordPress

Overview: If you’re looking for inspiration, you can find it in some of the most effective and beautifully designed WordPress websites. WordPress is used by some of the most popular brands, influencers, and bloggers around the globe.  Here are some of our favorite examples!

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly content management systems (or “CMS”) in the world, especially for the non-tech savvy. The popularity of WordPress among a wide variety of website creators is a testament to the platform’s versatility. WordPress websites are not difficult to build, and they can attract high web traffic for those creators.

Since its humble origins as a simple blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a terrific CMS. It dominates its space, with a 65% market share of websites with a known CMS — and its popularity doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Independent bloggers still use WordPress en masse — and today, major brands and corporations are also using WordPress websites to sell their products and spread the word about themselves.

You want examples? We’ve got examples! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best websites that are powered by WordPress and seen by millions of visitors. 


TechCrunch is one of the most popular technology news websites in the world. It covers everything from new startups to the latest gadgets and software updates. The site is powered by WordPress and is known for its clean and modern design. TechCrunch has a massive audience and is a great example of how WordPress can be used to create a slick, high-traffic website.

The New Yorker: 

The New Yorker is a renowned American magazine known for its long-form journalism, fiction, and criticism — and of course, those cartoons. It’s been around since 1925 — long before the phrase “content management system” existed — and today, the official website is powered by WordPress and the elegant design speaks for itself. The New Yorker has a huge following and is a great example of how WordPress can be used to create a content-rich website.

BBC America: 

BBC America is the American branch of the popular British television network, BBC. For years, their website has been powered by WordPress, bringing news, entertainment, and information on British culture to readers. BBC America has a sleek and modern design which is smartly optimized for mobile devices, making it a great example of how WordPress can be used to create a mobile-friendly website. 

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Bloomberg Professional: 

Bloomberg Professional is a financial news and data service that is used by traders and investors around the world. The website is powered by WordPress and is known for its powerful search capabilities and real-time data feeds. Bloomberg Professional is yet another example of how WordPress can help an organization create a sophisticated and data-driven website.

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The Walt Disney Company: 

Do they even need an introduction? It’s the company responsible for many of our favorite pieces of entertainment from childhood to adulthood — The Walt Disney Company is one of the world’s largest media companies, and its website is powered by WordPress. The website has a vibrant and colorful design that reflects the company’s brand image. WordPress is used to manage the website’s content, including videos, images, and text.

The Obama Foundation: 

The Obama Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by the former president, that works to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders. The foundation’s website is powered by WordPress and has an engaging design. WordPress is used to manage the website’s content, including news, event updates, and informational resources.


Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that covers the latest trends and styles. The website is powered by WordPress and has a sleek and sophisticated design — reflecting the brand’s reputation. The editorial team behind Vogue use WordPress to manage the website’s content, including articles, images, and videos.


TED is a nonprofit organization that produces conferences and talks on a wide range of topics. The organization’s website is powered by WordPress and has a simple and clean design that makes it easy to navigate. WordPress is used to manage the website’s content, including videos, articles, and speaker profiles.

Rolling Stone: 

Rolling Stone is an iconic, long-running magazine specializing in coverage of music, entertainment, and topical political issues and current events. The WordPress-powered website has a bold and dynamic design that creates a user experience reminiscent of reading the print magazine while making it easy to access articles, reviews, images, and more. 

The Official Star Wars Website: 

The Official Star Wars Website features news, information, and new product announcements from the Star Wars universe. The website is supported by WordPress and has a colorful design that transports visitors to a galaxy far, far away. 

In Summary 

WordPress is a versatile and user-friendly platform that can be used to create a wide range of websites, from news sites to entertainment outlets to e-commerce stores. The websites listed above demonstrate the power and flexibility of WordPress, as well as its ability to handle high-traffic and complex content.

If you’re looking to create a website, WordPress is definitely worth considering. And if you need assistance, reach out to MyUnlimitedWP. To borrow some terminology from the Star Wars website we cited above, we’re the Jedi Masters of WordPress — and our expertise is unparalleled on this or any other planet! Reach out to us today to find out how we can help with all your WordPress needs!

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