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New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners

Overview: Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions? What about BUSINESS resolutions? If not, we have a few suggestions. Read on!

Happy holidays! We’re just a few days away from New Year’s Day, which is when we all start thinking about changes we’d like to make as we turn the calendar page.

Most people make new year’s resolutions related to personal habits — like getting into an exercise routine, reading more books, or quitting smoking. But the new year is also the perfect time for business owners to make resolutions related to their work!

Here are a few suggestions on resolutions you might want to make. Take these into consideration before the ball drops in Times Square!

Ramp Up Your Online Presence 

Want to reach more potential customers and keep your existing customers engaged? In the new year, commit to improving your business’s online presence. This might mean updating your website more frequently with fresh content, posting more on social media, or keeping a closer eye on follower comments and reviews and posting replies to them.

As always, be mindful of which online platforms you use to engage with your audience. Think about your typical customer and where they’re most likely to hang out online. That’s where you should focus your business’s online presence.

Network, Network, Network 

It’s harder than ever to make an impression in business these days, which is why making connections is more important than ever. There are myriad ways you can do this both online and in person.

Online, stay engaged with other businesses using networking platforms like LinkedIn and Alignable. Here at MyUnlimitedWP, we’re BIG fans of Alignable. We’ve used it strategically to make tons of connections with other companies and accumulate tons of great leads.

In real life, be on the lookout for networking events, conventions, and industry-specific events where you can meet people and expand your network. You might also consider looking into local business groups in your area.

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Invest in Employee Morale 

In the new year, do the best job you can of at taking care of your employees. This might include sending them to training and development opportunities so they can learn new skills and retain a sense of purpose.

The beginning of the year is also a good time to ask for feedback from your employees. Communication is key to running a successful business, so resolve to do everything you can to ensure a workplace where important information is clearly and effectively communicated. When your team feels like they understand what’s going on at work, their morale will remain high.

Improve Communication with Customers 

Speaking of communication: Have you ever experienced misunderstandings with your customers? If so, one of your new year’s business resolutions should be to improve the way you convey information to your customers — and the way you gather and act on incoming feedback from those customers.

Just as with your employees, improving communication with your customers can have a great positive effect on customer satisfaction and referrals!

Add New Products and Services 

If you’re confident that you’re doing well with all your basic business habits, policies, and philosophies, maybe it’s time to consider a different kind of resolution: Trying something new!

Consider expanding the selection of products and services you offer, or exploring new markets. Of course, you should do some research first to ensure that you won’t be spreading yourself too thin. But if the timing seems right, expanding your business can help you stay competitive and inspire new revenue streams.

Improve Your Work-Life Balance 

We talk about this one a lot, and that’s because it’s important. In our observation, business owners tend to have trouble managing work-life balance. It makes sense: When you own the whole company, you have a lot of responsibilities!

But if you’re working 80-hour weeks, chances are you’re not making enough time for yourself, your hobbies, your leisure time, or your family. That’s why we strongly recommend including “Improving My Work-Life Balance” on your list of new year’s resolutions. Take care of yourself!

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Become More Eco-Friendly 

The new year is when people everywhere turn over a new leaf. And speaking of leaves: Why not resolve to make your company more green?

In 2024, consider adopting more sustainable business practices. This could involve reducing waste, using eco-friendly materials, or implementing energy-saving measures. You’ll be helping the environment, and you just might save money while you’re at it!

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Optimize Your Company Website 

Remember that section up there where we told you that you should resolve to improve your business’s online presence? Let’s come back to that for a minute.

If you want to keep customers interested in your business, you have to have a website that works! That means it has to be responsive, it has to load quickly, it has to have good SEO, and it has to be mobile-friendly.

If your website is broken, your #1 resolution should be to fix it! And if you’re in need of some website support, we’d like to recommend… well, ourselves! We can resolve problems with websites built with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and everything in between. Resolve to contact us in 2024 — or right now!

In Conclusion 

As you reflect on days of auld lang syne and look ahead to 2024, think about the resolutions you can make to help your business. You don’t have to aim for every resolution on this list. In fact, you might come up with some great ideas for business resolutions that we didn’t even think of!

However you ring in 2024 at your business, we hope you have a very happy new year!

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