How to Create a User-Friendly Restaurant Website

Overview: Your website is the front door to your business. Make sure it’s warm and welcoming!

The internet is our go-to place when we’re searching for food to eat. From ordering food online to shopping and making a reservation, the internet comes as a blessing to do everything right from your pajamas! That makes it important for the restaurants to have an online presence to make a good impression. Since the guest/visitor experience starts with the first click, and you only get 50 milliseconds, let’s make sure that we’re making the most of it.  A restaurant’s website portrays how a restaurant is legitimate and helps people find your restaurant easily and go through with just a few clicks. So isn’t it nice that people can quickly know your restaurant is accessible? The good news is that creating an engaging website for your restaurant doesn’t require extensive coding or design skills. The even better news is that you can ask WordPress professionals to create, design, and handle your website.

Design for Restaurant Websites: 

Design is a significant part of a restaurant website as it plays a vital role in attracting the customer, getting their attention, and marketing your restaurant. A website design portrays your restaurant’s essence and/or taste, legitimacy and standard. With an overwhelming number of designs available, putting up with the trends might get you confused. Since website design aims at leveraging on lucrative gigs and a boost in sales, it’s important to follow some important steps to make the design stand out and get more orders. We’re sharing our tried-and-tested premium tips with you to help you create the best 

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Reservations :

A restaurant’s website must have a reservation icon as people might want to reserve a table before visiting. An attractive web design can turn the visitors into customers, and they may want to visit your restaurant soon. A website must have a reservation feature which requires relevant customer information and reserves their table.

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Domain Name :

For a professional-looking restaurant website, it’s just that the website’s domain name is the restaurant’s name or initials of the restaurant — they look so cool by the way! The domain name works as a keyword in this regard as it makes it easier for the customers to search and reach out to your restaurant.

Professional Content: 

The content involves images, menu, social networks, image galleries (photographed meals, maybe), and the about the restaurant section. A well-designed menu, professionally photographed food options, and videography will surely attract people and help them make up their minds to order something or reserve a table.
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 Alongside keeping things photographed, it’s imporant that the content is up to date and is aligned with the modern definition of visual communication for businesses. A restaurant on Valentine’s day can’t be the same for a labor day; it has to be rosy and decorated with unique dishes or discounts. You can share the discount codes and special dishes to the restaurant’s website.

Contacts and Location of Restaurant: 

The contacts (emails, numbers, fax etc.) of the restaurant must be up to date, accurate and added in relevant and right places because they help a person contact the restaurant daily. The restaurant’s location must be precise (with a map if possible) so that people don’t find it challenging to navigate and reach the restaurant.

User Experience of Restaurant Website:  

User experience is essential for every website; the better the user experience, the better the user retention and acquisition. A restaurant’s website must include the proper menu, locations, language features, opening hours and contact information. Besides, a restaurant’s website should add them so that it’s easy for users to search through the website and use them to fulfil their purpose. A clickable map, social handles, and review links are an essential part of the user experience for a restaurant’s website.

Graphics of a Restaurant’s Website: 

Graphics are the backbone to attract more leads — make sure they’re relevant. Visual attraction plays a huge role in turning visitor to a customer — and then a repeating customer. Imagine you visit a website with no or poor quality images depicting nothing but low standards and poor management of restaurants’ websites. Would you like to proceed and reserve a table or order online? Most probably not! You’ll instamtly bounce back. Good quality images, videos, and total pixels of photos get people’s attention on the website. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine visiting a website of a steak house restaurant, and the first thing you see is an image of a person is holding a piece of steak, sprinkled with spices, hot sauces, and hot oil dripping down — doesn’t it sound yummy? It sure does! Graphics on a restaurant’s website are crucial; without good graphics, a restaurant’s website is tasteless. Aside from the images and videos, your restaurant’s menu should be entirely up-to-date and decorative, and a menu whose every dish speaks for itself.

Some of the good examples of restaurants include Koox, has its own website. From graphics to user experience design, everything else is perfectly curted and beyond excellence. On the other hand, there’s ‘The Fat Duck‘, another restaurant with its own website and a beautiful design. Everything is marvellous, from language to images, videos, menus and much more.

In Summary:

A website is visited more often and remembered for long when it’s well-designed and satisfies the customers’ demand. Keeping your users’ choices above yours, providing them excellent knowledge with a clear call to action will surely going to escalate your leads. And this is exactly what we do at MyUnlimitedWP — our talented web design team ensures that your design is up-to-date, sales team works for your restaurants’ words to reach the right people, and content team knows when to provide right information to your readers!

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