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Why You Need Unlimited WordPress Services for Your Website

3 simple but significant reasons why you need an unlimited WordPress support service for your website!

You’ve had your website for some time now and you love it—the site is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly, the images are original and relate to your audience, and the SEO is getting you ranked on Google! You paid a one-time service fee to get your website up and running and you felt like it was money well-spent to further grow your business. But then something happens—there’s an unexpected, unavoidable website update that leaves some of your landing pages in error-mode. You call the guys who initially built your website, but they remind you that the one-time service fee you paid was for the one-time service to build your website. In order to have them help with this unanticipated problem, you need to pay another fee…one that isn’t in your budget. What do you do?

If you’re not the most tech-savvy individual, but you recognize the importance of technology in this digital world and are in dire need of keeping your website updated, there’s a solution. Unlimited WordPress services exist so you don’t need to tear out your hair in frustration when your website begins to glitch, update, or you just want a new look. With MyUnlimitedWP, we could make sure that all your basic WordPress website updates and changes get done in as little as 1 business day. And starting at just $99 a month!

Whether you’re a small business owner, lawyer, restaurateur, or the like, consider that having unlimited access to make whatever changes are needed to your WordPress website means that you no longer need to spend 10.3 years to make a small change on your website. See those 10.3 years? You could now use all that time to focus on your business! Wonderful, right!


#1. One limited pricing for unlimited and priceless support.

We recommend that businesses interested in making their website stand out should opt for a service that allows them the flexibility to make unlimited changes without having to pay a fee per change. Trends change constantly and having a website that is relevant means being able to make adjustments according to trends, what’s in demand, and, sometimes, what’s yet to be in demand. This means that when it comes to something as simple as updating your “Our Team” page to include your newest employee to something more complex such as adding and configuring plugins, your one-time fee would include continuous website support. Think about the holidays: Most businesses adjust their marketing, social media content, and even promotions to benefit from the holiday season. Imagine you decide you want to update your website for summer, the end of October, the end of November, and the end of December. While each adjustment would typically cost separate fees with a standard, limited website service, an unlimited service would grant you the freedom to change your website not just once, twice, or three times, but whenever you want and however you want!


#2. A perfectly functioning site at all times, even after website updates.

Whether it’s a phone, computer, website, program, or app, we want to use a device that works as appropriately as it physically can and that’s the reason for updates. But, let’s face it, the actual update process can be a bit of a hassle. Sometimes, an update could leave you more confused than before because there are new processes to learn, additional and extended features, and—wait, what’s that random icon in the corner that didn’t exist before? As much as we all appreciate updates, things could be more frustrating after the update than before. When it comes to your website, updates shouldn’t be avoided simply because of the possible complications that might occur after. With unlimited website services and support, website updates are critical to the functionality of your website. Services such as managed hosting handle these updates for you! With managed hosting, we go through your site two times a year and make sure all your platforms, plugins, and all that technical jazz are all updated appropriately. Updates might require advanced support because HTML coding and other technical jazz mentioned previously are involved, a very good and professional website support service can provide super great advanced support for anything you need.


#3. Unlimited support means more time for you to focus on your business.

Don’t let a troublesome WordPress site stand in your business’s success! It’s recommended that a website redesign or revamp every 3-4 years. However, when asked how much time is usually spent updating a website, a Quora user responded: “Usually too much time.” The initial building process of a website is one thing (hence the expected one-time service fee) but considering the need to stay digitally relevant as years progress and your business picks up in traffic, website changes are inevitable after your website goes live. Do you want to spend “too much time” updating your website to the point where you no longer have enough time to focus on actually running your business? Probably not. Perhaps it’s time to consider investing in an unlimited website service to not only accommodate your needs but also your budget.


Let us take over and relieve your site-managing headaches! Our pricing packages are low-cost and high-value! Having unlimited website services is an even more useful resource you have more than one website. We have super cool bulk deals that could benefit not just one, but all of your websites so you could get a serious bang for your buck. If you’re in need of website support and are tired of paying fee after fee for each change needed, start your 14-day risk-free trial today with MyUnlimitedWP. With 17 years of web design experience, we are prepared to greet you with expertise and an understanding of your needs. From start to finish, you’ll be in good hands!

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