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5 Ways To Make Your Website Stand Out

Your website can either drive customers to your business or drive them away from your business. Whether it’s the wrong choice of typography (did some say Comic Sans?), a mobile UN-friendly site, or impaired SEO, there are many factors that could make your website might pale in comparison to your competitors.
Your website can either drive customers to your business or drive them away from your business. Whether it’s the wrong choice of typography (did some say Comic Sans?), a mobile UN-friendly site, or impaired SEO, there are many factors that could make your website might pale in comparison to your competitors.  If there’s something about your website that isn’t quite popping the way it could, it’s time to research and invest in how to make your website stand out.

We’re living in a time where the digital market is crucial to the success of many businesses. Services that appeal to the current socially-limited conditions are on the rise—and that could include services offered by your website. Maybe you weren’t concerned with online foot traffic in the past because foot traffic was consistent in your actual place of business. However, with the recent shift from in-person traffic to online traffic, there’s an inclination for consumers to rely on your online presence to shape their purchasing decisions.
Perhaps no one thought that restaurants, retail stores, and other in-person shops would have to rely so heavily on their online presence to maintain their business. Nonetheless, that’s the case. Businesses that haven’t updated their website are shuddering in their boots now as consumers take advantage of online experiences. Now, suddenly, you’re remembering that website of yours (the one that has been collecting dust for the last couple of months…or years) and you’re probably wishing you would’ve taken the time to enhance your website now that online services are either making or breaking businesses.
We’ve curated a list of practical steps that could make your website stand out so that your business doesn’t get left in the dust during this tech-heavy age. Let’s give your competitors a run for their money!

Design That Reflects Your Business’s Personality

Think of your website’s design as a person’s individual style. The way we dress says a lot about our personality and also reflects how we’re feeling and how we want people to feel about us. For example, children tend to wear colorful clothing with whimsical designs such as smiley faces and cartoon characters. Why? Because such details are inherently associated with being youthful and innocent. Could you find a 35-year-old wearing similar clothing? Yes. Would you question their decisions? Probably…but that’s another story for another day. Similarly, your website design is your business’s personal style projected on-screen.
Deciding on whether your target audience would prefer a serif or sans-serif font, bold text style or delicate text style, or even 100 percent black color versus dark-gray are seemingly small details that could make your website stand out in comparison to your competitor’s. To maintain the previous illustration of children, perhaps if your business were catering to children, your website would want a design that’s engaging, full of colors, and probably with big and bold texts that are easy to read and fun to look at. Think about this: When was the last time you saw a business with a target audience between the ages of 5 and 8 with black as the primary website color, or with cursive as the main text? Make sure your design matches your audience!
Some companies opt for more fancy websites while others prefer simple and straightforward designs. No matter the case, we recognize that each website design is projecting a very specific message that’s designed to elicit a very specific response from a very specific audience. What is your website design saying about your business? Is it telling your audience enough, or maybe it could be saying more.

Content (We’re Talking Fresh Out The Oven)

What kind of content are you putting out? It could be something as simple as a post on Instagram highlighting one of your services, an email blast highlighting a current discount or promotion, or something that prompts those who are visiting your website to reach out to you (such as an employment page that’s constantly being updated).
Wait, MyUnlimitedWP, I don’t have Instagram and our company isn’t active with emails! We’re talking about how to improve your website. Visibility is vital when it comes to making those improvements, and visibility begins, first, with how you interact with those visiting your website. If you don’t interact at all, you’re giving your visitors an opportunity to walk out with nothing and never return. It’s just like walking into a store. The first thing you expect as a customer is to receive some sort of engagement. Typically, when you walk into a store and you’re not greeted, you might think the employees don’t care for your presence. Similarly, if your website doesn’t have any content that’s inviting, visitors might develop that same mentality.
If you want to engage with your target audience and show them that you care, social media content is always straightforward. However, content that teaches your target audience something about your business could also be helpful. That’s when blogs or press releases come in. Some businesses take advantage of all forms of content, utilizing social media, email blasts, and blogs to increase their visibility, engagement, and conversion. Double-check your website to see if you could implement any of these content-driven platforms to improve your website.

Appropriate Search Engine Optimization

This is more than just having words on a page. When it comes to SEO, you want to make sure the words on your page are relevant to your business and the kind of audience you want to attract. For example, if you’re in the retail business and your company specializes in affordable linen clothing for children (let’s keep the illustration goin’), trying to optimize for “women’s clothing” or “luxury children’s clothing” aren’t the most appropriate. What we mean when we say appropriate search engine optimization is that your key phrases should be able to attract your target audience. If someone is searching for “women’s clothing” and comes across your website because you decided to optimize for that as well, you might increase foot traffic. But, that person might not consider you a trustworthy company because they searched for one thing and found that you specialized in another thing that didn’t cater to their needs. This could be frustrating and trust-breaking.

Now, you could optimize for “children’s clothing.” However, there would be substantial competition for that key phrase because it’s generic and vague. The more specific, the better. Trying to optimize for “affordable linen children’s clothing” is more specific and could grant you more visibility due to the decreased key phrase competition. Even more, creating key phrases that are location-specific will boost your visibility. If your business is located in the fictional town of Narnia, trying to optimize your website for “affordable linen children’s clothing in Narnia” will win you additional brownie points from Google.

Website Service Plan

Unique and Original Images (Did Somebody Say, “Stock Photos”?)

Ah, the glorious stock photography—like the notorious photo of a woman laughing as she’s about to take a bite out of the salad she’s holding. We all know those images, and we all secretly cringe at the over-posed, unrealistic images of people doing everyday things, except they’re unusually happy. There’s nothing wrong with being unusually happy, and stock photos have helped many companies complete their website and many college students finish their final PowerPoint. But, people like relatability and reality.

Humans are visual creatures, so if you want people to develop the perception that your business is authentic, having authentic images relevant to your business and strategically placed throughout your website can help. Of course, this is a matter of whether you want to hire a photographer to take authentic photos, take the photos yourself, or browse through the seemingly endless pages of stock photos available to find the most suitable images for your business’s website. All of these are practical; just make sure your images coincide with your content and your overall message.


User - And Mobile - Friendly Navigations

Let’s face it: Everyone uses a phone these days and most people will browse the internet on their phone before trekking to a personal computer or laptop. In fact, according to Google research, 72 percent of consumers expect brands to have mobile-friendly sites but a staggering 96 percent have been to sites that weren’t mobile-ready. What does this mean for your mobile-friendless website? This means that you’re losing a lot of mobile-using customers simply because of a lack of website usability (and that’s a lot of potential consumers). This also means that by designing a website that is mobile-friendly, you’re already standing out from your competitors who are not taking advantage of our increasingly phone-savvy society.
You want your website to be convenient, first and foremost, to those visiting. Sure, you might not like the idea of a mobile-friendly website at first, or even the idea of having a website that’s easier to navigate. Sometimes, a business wants to showcase its complexity, but the reality is that many phone-users decide whether they want to support a business or not based on how simple the business’s website is to navigate.
Have you ever checked out a website using your phone only to be totally frustrated by how difficult it was to find your shopping cart or search for a product? Creating a mobile-friendly website could be as simple as selecting the mobile-friendly option and rearranging the site accordingly. Perhaps you would need to reach out to a web design company to successfully carry out this request or to make a more user-friendly website.
The good thing is that it’s never too late to enhance your website. With research and the right web design company, your website can thrive and, as a result, help your business thrive! 

Web design companies exist so you don’t have to do design your website (or improve it) on your own.

Now is the perfect time to get that website up and running to speed the way that you want. Consumerism is going away simply because people are indoors. In fact, people will probably consume more now that they’re in their homes with more time on their hands. At MyUnlimitedWP, we’re the solution you’ve been needing. Contact us today and we’ll help your website become distinguished and polished the way it deserves to be.

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