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What Website Service Plan is Right for You + MyUnlimitedWP Client Perspective

Owning a business means inevitably maintaining a lot of responsibility and making decisions that could aid in or hinder the growth of your business.

Website Service Plan Website Service Plan Website Service Plan Website Service Plan Website Service Plan Website Service Plan Website Service Plan Website Service Plan Website Service Plan Website Service Plan Website Service Plan

Owning a business means inevitably maintaining a lot of responsibility and making decisions that could aid in or hinder the growth of your business. Some of these decisions you make as a business owner might well be affected by the size of your business, such as employee benefits or taxes. When it comes to choosing the right website service plan, the size of your business could also impact your decision.

Since most businesses have a website (if you don’t have a business website, you probably should get one) different pricing packages tend to be offered based on your business’s needs. Do you know what services are available and what pricing package is right for you? With a website comes different focuses, all equally important. Website details such as building, updating, and ranking are more than a one-size-fits-all aspect. If you are a small, mid-sized, or large business owner, or you own more than one business, consider which website service plan is right for you. Similar to us here at MyUnlimitedWP, many website services offer several pricing packages that range in the number of available services and prices. While all might seem equally appealing, one plan that’s ideal for one business might not be the best plan for another business. Let’s consider the benefits each of our plans provide to help you determine which plan might suit your business based on size.

Website Service Plan

Plan 1: The Support Squad

“Glad I found them. Been the best decision I made so far. […] Gives me time to do other things. I can trust that they are going to do what I need to be done.”
Businesses that tend to have a local audience more than likely rely on building face-to-face connections with the locals to at least maintain their clientele. However, having basic website services to at least keep your business’s online presence fresh is useful especially for potential newcomers—that is, people visiting the area for the first time who just want to browse and maybe stumble across one or two hidden gems while they’re at it. If your business takes more of an in-person approach then this plan might suit you best. In the least, it’ll keep your website attractive and up-to-date so you could have a credible impression for those who do come across your business’s website. Having a good website that covers the basics and an even better in-store dynamic could earn your business repeat customers and new ones via word-of-mouth! One person tells another person to “check out their website” and, thankfully, your website is simple yet informative and creative enough to make a person want to actually go from checking out your website to checking out your business in person. And this is all thanks to a simple website service plan…go figure!

Having unlimited changes to any page on your website is ideal for most businesses. Included in these unlimited changes is text, image, and other information that is currently on your website. This also includes the option to post blogs for your website or optimize previous blogs for relevancy and freshness. Blogs have become a sort of big deal these days for many, and they’re especially not specific to businesses. Blogging is said to be one of the best SEO tools, so there’s no wonder many businesses are implementing this resource! In addition to having the option to blog, this first Support Squad plan offers a 3-5 business day turnaround on most changes. Knowing that your website changes will be complete within one business week or less is beneficial for many business owners who simply can’t afford to spend weeks (and a lot of money) updating their website.

Website Service Plan

Plan 2: The Boundless Bunch

For businesses that experience a decent amount of changes in their industry and need their website to reflect such changes throughout the year, this plan might be ideal for you. Maybe you don’t need to change your website every other week, but a quarterly update might mean that this plan is for you. This plan is complete with everything in the Support Squad plan, except more:

  • managed website hosting, where we go through your site and make sure all your platforms, plugins, and whatnot are all updated appropriately;
  • unlimited stock photo and illustration usage so your website could do more than tell your story, it could show your story;
  • WordPress, theme, and plugin updates which we complete on a month-to-month basis to ensure is running smoothly; and
  • 1 hour of advanced support which basically means that if there’s anything you want us to help you with on your website (new page, feature, something more complicated) this has you covered (shhh…don’t tell the Support Squad about this awesome perk).
Website Service Plan

Plan 3: The Limitless League

“Having access to UNLIMITED changes to my WordPress site is just what small business owners need.”

So you need your website to constantly be updated? We’re talking monthly and even bi-weekly (popular retailers with fluctuating inventory are a good example of this). If you’re in an industry that is always making adjustments (think of the restaurant industry for seasonal items or nonprofit organizations for updates on events) this plan is for you. Why wait a week for changes when you could get 1-3 business day turnaround! With this plan, your time is of the essence. If you’ve been prompted to change your website to accommodate unexpected circumstances or updates, we can get it done as soon as possible.  Not only do you receive quick updates, but you also receive 3 additional hours of advanced support with 1 hour of SEO support that go hand-in-hand with the included location management service. If your business is in a specific, high-traffic location and you want to highlight that, our location management services will ensure good general location SEO across the web, including location and geo-targeted syndication of over 60 online directory citations or listings. Big words, we know, but with even BIGGER results.


The reality is that every type of business, regardless of size, should opt for a website service company that offers unlimited services. It isn’t to say that a business can’t survive without unlimited services. However, having unlimited access to a variety of relevant resources will help your business stay competitive without having to deal directly with the hassle of staying competitive. That’s why MyUnlimitedWP exists! We do what we do because we recognize that the more businesses rely on their online presence, the more there is a need for unlimited website support services.

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