How Do I Add a WordPress Contact Form?

WordPress contact forms are often essential to the site’s usefulness. These serve as a quick and easy way for visitors to reach out directly to the experts behind any organization.
WordPress contact forms are often essential to the site’s usefulness. These serve as a quick and easy way for visitors to reach out directly to the experts behind any organization. Whether they’re looking for more information, need answered questions, or would like to set up an appointment, an online form is an easy way to do it all. So, as you build your WordPress site, you might consider including this convenient addition. That’s why in this article, we will discuss how you can add a contact form to your website, no matter its intended purpose.

Know What You Need Your WordPress Contact Form to Accomplish:

To begin adding a contact form to your website, you’ll first need to establish your purpose for it. Contact forms can come with a multitude of uses and a range of complexities. So, ask yourself, will this form be used as a simple contact form that only requests basic items like a name and phone number? Or will it need to possess more intricacies and high-level functions?

Consider the options for functionality that may be beneficial to your needs:

  • Lead generation
  • Email newsletter sign up
  • Completing payment information 
  • Job applications

With these options in mind, you can begin to search for the contact form that best suits your needs.

Ways To Compose WordPress Contact Forms:

There are several ways in which you can create forms for your website. Though plugins are most common, you might consider some other options, including WordPress themes with built-in forms or a third party platform and integrations.


Plugins are the most common way to create and implement a form. We have four favorites that we would recommend for your use. These include: 
Each of these is available in the WordPress repository and comes in both free or paid varieties. In most cases, the free version of these plugins will suffice for your needs. However, there are more advanced options available in case you require a particularly specialized contact form. You can learn how to install and activate plugins like these in an earlier article, in which we discussed how to install and activate plugins

Reasons Why You Might Opt For The Paid Version of These Plugins:

While, in most cases, you can get away without using the paid version of a form plugin, there are instances in which it would be beneficial. In the case that you require any sort of add-on such as the ability to book appointments, sign up for an event, or have conditional logic, you may need to purchase an add-on.



There are several themes with the option to include a contact form that is directly integrated into the site. This capability is dependent on the theme– some will not include this option at all, while others will come with their own contact form.


Third-Party Platforms for Plugins:

You may also use a third-party platform for your form plugin. And if you choose this option, there are several varieties available to you. You might decide to use a third party if you have a specific purpose for your contact form or if you have a strong preference for the interface you choose. For example, we at MyUnlimitedWP like to use TypeForm for several reasons. We believe that it is a superior form platform, is highly compatible with WordPress, ensures security, collects a lot of useful data, and has several useful features. 
Other Favorites for Third Party Platforms for Plugins: 
  • For building email lists, we recommend either MailChimp or Constant Contact. These both seamlessly work with WordPress websites. 
  • Active Campaign is another great option, depending on your marketing needs. This option is ideal if you hope to boost your marketing with the integration of an active form campaign on your website. 
Using a third-party option can boost your marketing endeavors. So, if you’re hoping to use a contact form on your website in conjunction with your marketing tactics, then a third-party platform is likely the best option for you. 

How to Install a WordPress Contact Form Plugin:

So, you’ve established which capabilities and functions you require of your form, chosen how you will integrate it onto your site, and picked the plugin, theme, or third party platform that will make this magic happen! But how do you install it on your website? Follow these simple instructions to get on your way to a more convenient and helpful site: 
  1. Login to your WordPress site. 
  2. Install the plugin, theme, or form tool on your website and activate it. 
  3. Make sure that after you’ve activated the form that it has not negatively interfered with anything on your site. Form builders are typically the plugins that most often break a website. So be sure to take this critical step and confirm that it works. 
  4. Avoid using more than one form builder on your website. We’ve found that multiple form builders do not do well operating in conjunction with one another. However, there are plenty of form builder options that can meet all of your needs in one form. Just make sure to choose the correct third party, theme, or plugin initially to avoid any issues. 
One of the most significant issues you’ll face when installing a form could impact your notifications. In several cases, different servers and web hosting services come with different configurations for sending messages. This can cause mishap when a visitor fills out a form on your website. Of course, you need to be notified of any time that someone fills out a form. But, when this communication is malfunctioning, you won’t be prompted when someone reaches out and therefore, will not know when to respond. The easiest solution for this typically involves your SMTP. This is the mail protocol that enables your email to communicate with your website so that you get a notification when someone fills out a form. Addressing this problem if it should arise, will be your last step in implementing an online form onto your site. 
As you build your website and customize it to address the needs of your business and your customers, be sure to prioritize convenience and ease of use. With an online WordPress contact form, each visitor to your site will enjoy this simple way of getting in contact with you. So, be sure to consider this customized addition when creating a successful WordPress website. And if, in your DIY WordPress endeavors, you require the help of a professional, do not hesitate to reach out to us at MyUnlimitedWP. We are here for all of your maintenance issues and site malfunctions as they arise. Reach out today for a top-tier website and the high-performing results to come.

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