Protect Your Website Against Scams – How to Build a Secure Site

Every 39 seconds in the US, we learn that a hacker attack occurs – affecting one in three Americans. It could be a simple email from a friendly username to a call from the IRS to a website devised to conceal all personal credentials. We know that phishing attacks can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone.

How To Become A Successful WordPress Blogger (Part II)

Follow these easy tips and avoid bounce rates while establishing a successful WordPress blog in 2021  If you’ve clicked on this article then you’re interested in learning about how to become a successful WordPress blogger. WordPress has about 60 million blogs with over 409 million people viewing more than 20 billion pages each month, so …

How Do I Make My WordPress Website Secure?

Security plugin Security on the hosting level Get an SSL license Change your admin URL Create Complicated and Unique Passwords Limit your login attempts Use secure passwords Keep your info safe Use a browser with good security The web is a world full of thieves, robbers, scheming hackers, and more. Around every corner is a …