The Best WordPress Page Duplication Plugins for E-commerce

Overview:  Discover the best WordPress page duplicate plugins for your e-commerce website and make your life easier!

Do you own an e-commerce WordPress website? If so, you might be familiar with the term plugins. A plugin is optional software which adds different features or expands the functionality of existing software on websites. Plugins add to the flexibility of websites, and there are tons of plugins available for websites built on WordPress. They not only help website owners and developers create a website exactly the way they want it, but also serve several purposes for website visitors. Isn’t it interesting that such a small piece of software can allow you to build, design, customize your website with just a few clicks?

If you’re specifically looking to duplicate a page on your WordPress website but you’re uncertain of which plugin to use, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the best page duplication plugins for e-commerce. Pack your bags; we’re about to explore the world of WordPress knowledge.  Plugins help a developer build a website properly and more efficiently. Also, plugins can help one with different aspects of the website such as security, spam-blocking, design, page developments, page duplication and data. Plugins can help a website improve its content, rank better, earn more views. For instance, the Yoast SEO plugin provides a writer with suggestions to improve the SEO of their content and rank higher on Google. Aren’t plugins magical?

Page Duplication Plugins for E-commerce: 

Owning a website is easy. Developing and designing a good website is harder. Developing and designing a website can be challenging as it requires patience, hard work, creativity and knowledge of available features. Bright colors and graphics are great, but good pages, easy navigation, and interesting content are important too. At some point, you may find that you want to duplicate a page on your WordPress website. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t have a simple built-in way to do this. You might be wondering why you can’t just use a block editor to copy all content and paste it into a new page, but that’s a time-consuming process, and it can be frustrating when formatting doesn’t carry over. Thus, you’ll have to try alternate methods of duplicating a page on WordPress.

That’s where plugins can be useful. Most of them are intended to perform one particular task or solve one particular problem, and there are several plugins that help to duplicate pages, posts and other content quickly. Below are some of the best WordPress page duplication plugins for e-commerce which will allow you to duplicate pages easily.

Duplicate Post Plugin: 

Duplicate post plugin is one of the easy plugins to duplicate your pages. Besides pages, one can duplicate posts, comments, slugs, menu orders and more with just a few clicks. This plugin also allows you to add a title prefix or suffix to differentiate between copy and original page. For instance if you set the prefix as ‘duplicate’ and copy a page named ‘how plugins work’, the copied page will be named ‘duplicate how plugins work’.

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You can follow these simple steps to duplicate your WordPress e-commerce pages successfully.

  • Install the duplicate post plugin and activate it.

  • Go to your dashboard and click on all pages.

  • Just over the page you want to duplicate, you’ll see a new option named clone.

Click the clone option to duplicate the page, and you have your duplicated page.

Duplicate Page & Post:  

The duplicate page and post plugin enables one to duplicate a page quickly or post in WordPress. Moreover, this plugin lets you duplicate pages and posts without changing their title, style, content or post type. Do you like a pro tip from the developers with 20+ years of experience? We’ll give you that — using duplicate page and post plugin is relatively more straightforward than the Duplicate post plugin, and one can easily clone a post following the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to add a new plugin, install a duplicate page and post and activate it.

  • After activating the plugin, access it through the dashboard and click on the all-page option.

  • On all pages, hover over the page you want to clone and click the duplicate option.

Your page will be duplicated successfully, and now you can edit or rename it.

WordPress Page Duplicator:  

WordPress page duplicator is another page duplicator which can be used to one a page easily and quickly by following simple steps. Besides the duplication, WordPress page duplicator also has a feature to let users change or edit the page’s content during duplication. This duplication plugin differs from the previous two as it has more features and allows users to duplicate their pages in their desired way.

 Yes, it offer these features. A user can choose what content to duplicate while duplication, they can change or edit the content; with the help of the Find and Replace option, users can find specific words, sentences or images and replace them. This plugin is the best among all others, and it has many features and options a user can use and make their work easy.

Below are some steps users can follow for a smooth duplicate page.

  • Install and activate the WordPress page duplicator.

  • Go to your dashboard to access it and click all pages.

  • You will see all the pages; click duplicate on a page you want to duplicate.

  • Set the content, find and replace words and images, edit title and value, and duplicate the page.

  • TADA! Your page is duplicated successfully.

The best plugin for duplicating the pages is WordPress page duplicator. Reasons for it being best are that it allows users to duplicate in their own desired way; users can choose what to clone and what not to; they can find and replace words, sentences and images many times, and they can edit titles and content during duplication, and much more. Best of luck duplicating your WordPress pages!

In Summary:  

A WordPress website is easy to handle until you get into complexities. It’s difficult for a person to design, develop, duplicate and get things done correctly without plugins. The same is the case with duplicating a page on WordPress. WordPress doesn’t allow duplicating a page simple, but it requires a lot of time and hard work to do so. That’s where these plugins enter. These plugins help users duplicate their website pages, posts, and much more. Whether you have a blog or e-commerce website, you can use these plugins to clone your pages.

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