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How do I Add a WordPress Blog Post?

Blogs give your website substance–words for Google to find and information your readers will cherish. So make sure to prioritize this aspect of your site and post blogs regularly. Doing so is essential not only for the added resources a blog can provide but for the overall performance of your website. You may have heard […]

How To Install A WordPress Theme

#1. Before you install a theme #2. Page builders and the future of web design #3. If you decide to use a theme #4. Installing a theme Are you wondering how to install a WordPress theme? As you build your WordPress site, consider how it might stand out. What sorts of colors, graphics, images, and […]

How To Install A WordPress Plugin

#1. Before Installing a Plugin on Your WordPress Site #2. Where to get your WordPress plugins #3. Two simple ways to install WordPress Plugins #4. Quick tips to keep in mind Creating a website is only useful to your business if it can be customized. It should match your values and ambitions; it should speak […]

How Much Does it Cost to Build a WordPress Website

You’re an entrepreneur, you run a non-profit, you offer innovative ideas to the world, and you want a website to show it all off. But, in your efforts to spend wisely, you may be wondering just how much it will cost to build a site that matches the quality of your services or products. Your […]

How Do I Make My WordPress Website Secure?

Security plugin Security on the hosting level Get an SSL license Change your admin URL Create Complicated and Unique Passwords Limit your login attempts Use secure passwords Keep your info safe Use a browser with good security The web is a world full of thieves, robbers, scheming hackers, and more. Around every corner is a […]

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