More Information About WordPress, Theme, and Plugin Updates



Your website needs to have a good backup system in place. If you do not have a backup system in place, we would need to implement one at an additional cost OR work with your website host to create a backup. We cannot run these updates without a proper backup.


You should have current licenses for any themes or plugins that you own. You may need to renew any license you have for us to conduct updates properly. We can help you handle this as needed, but you would just need to pay for the renewals, we will do the rest.

Website Host

You also may need to have your website host run updates on your website hosting server. Sometimes updates do not work unless your website hosting server is fully updated.

Old Websites

Regarding old, outdated websites, we may not be able to perform or even recommend any updates to your website. We will advise you if this is the case. Problems can also occur with no longer support website themes and plugins, especially as they will not be compatible with the newer versions of WordPress. Old plugins should also be removed and replaced with new plugins, and we can advise on this and help with this for additional costs.

Now all you need to do is check out our awesome pricing packages to figure out what works for you.