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WordPress 6.5 “Regina” Is Here – All the Key Features and Changes You Should Know

Overview: WordPress Regina is here, and we’re beyond excited! As passionate advocates for all things WordPress, the arrival of Regina fills us with anticipation and enthusiasm.  Let’s learn about the new features together!

Have you been waiting for WordPress 6.5 Regina? it’s finally here! The best thing about something new is that it brings new features and other improvements — and this is what all WordPress users worldwide are welcoming.

Although the release of the beta version came back in February, there have been some changes to the features. Different versions of Gutenberg also have emerged.

Rest assured, the WordPress Core team always works tirelessly to deliver a stable WordPress update.

New Features and Changes in WordPress 6.5   

An all-new Font Library 

The Font Library serves as a user-friendly tool designed to control the appearance of text on your website effortlessly, including fonts, without requiring any coding knowledge or additional effort. With this tool, you can efficiently add, remove, or modify fonts on your website, whether they originate from your local device or Google Fonts.

Notably, this feature seamlessly integrates with any Block theme, offering versatility and compatibility. Furthermore, you have the option to incorporate your own custom font collections, allowing you to elevate the uniqueness of your website even further.

Performance Boost 

WordPress 6.5 boasts more than 110 performance enhancements, leading to a notable acceleration in speed. Users can anticipate the post editor and site editor loading in less than half the time compared to version 6.4, with processing speeds experiencing a remarkable five-fold improvement.

For websites operating in multiple languages, the introduction of “Performant Translations” brings about loading time reductions of up to 25%. Moreover, the inclusion of support for AVIF images, a cutting-edge format renowned for its superior compression capabilities without compromising image quality, further enhances website speed and performance.

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Accessibility at the Forefront

WordPress 6.5 places a strong emphasis on inclusivity, featuring more than 65 accessibility improvements. This release tackles a crucial issue that previously hindered screen reader users from accessing admin submenus. Additionally, enhancements in color contrast, element positioning, and cursor focus have been implemented, guaranteeing a seamless experience for all users.

Seamless Drag-and-Drop Experience

Notice the difference as you rearrange items, aided by helpful visual cues such as displaced items in List View or the ability to effortlessly drag them anywhere within your workspace — from start to finish.

Enhanced Editing Experience

Block editing reaches new heights in WordPress 6.5. Now, you can conveniently rename most blocks directly within the editor or list view, streamlining content organization. Style revisions empower you to revisit past styling decisions for specific blocks, providing enhanced flexibility.

Improved Link Controls

Creating and managing links becomes a breeze with a more intuitive link-building experience, featuring a streamlined user interface and a shortcut for copying links.

Empowered Design Tools

WordPress developers can unleash their creativity with the expanded design toolbox available in WordPress 6.5. The Image, Column, and Button blocks now support drop shadows, allowing you to infuse depth and dimension into your layouts. Group blocks receive an upgrade, offering control over size, repetition, and focal point options for background images.

Cover blocks gain the ability to set aspect ratios and apply color overlays, simplifying the creation of visually captivating sections. Additionally, box shadow support has been extended to more block types, providing even greater design freedom.

Site Editor Empowered with Data Views

Experience a significant enhancement in the Site Editor with the introduction of Data Views. This feature enables you to visualize and interact with your site’s data directly within the editor interface.

A Game-Changer for Developers 

Exciting news for developers! WordPress 6.5 introduces the Interactivity API, providing you with the tools to incorporate interactive elements into blocks, enhancing user engagement. The Block Bindings API facilitates seamless connections between blocks and custom fields or other dynamic content, expanding customization capabilities.

Classic themes receive attention too, with the inclusion of appearance tools for enhanced control over their aesthetics. Furthermore, improvements to the plugin experience streamline WordPress development and maintenance processes, ensuring a smoother workflow for developers.

In Summary 

WordPress 6.5, codenamed “Regina,” emerges as a significant update, packed with numerous enhancements tailored for content creators and developers alike. From performance enhancements and accessibility upgrades to the introduction of new design tools and developer-centric features, this release is poised to elevate the experience of building and managing WordPress websites.

Don’t hesitate — it’s time to upgrade your WordPress site to version 6.5 today to leverage all the exciting new features it has to offer!

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