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Website Support

Without Hosting
$ $89
Per Site
10% OFF

Website Support

With Hosting
$ $169
Per Site
15% Off

Without Hosting
$49 - Monthly
With Hosting
$99 - Monthly
Unlimited WordPress website changes • Unlimited changes to any page, text, image or info currently on your website
• Post and optimize your blogs
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Turnaround on changes Larger projects may take longer.
3-5 business days
1-3 business days
Anything else you need This covers absolutely anything and everything that you would want us to help you with on your website. Need a new page? Need a new feature? Need something more complicated, this has you covered 100%.
1 hour per month
Website hosting included
Managed hosting • Dedicated 10 GIG server with SSD
• Drive dedicated 1 GIG of memory
• Dedicated IP address
• Nightly backups
• Advanced object cache (for enhanced website speed)
• IPv6 protocols (for super fast website delivery and security)
• SSL: Prevent hackers from seeing or changing any information being transferred on your site.
• Covers one website
Important: learn more about our hosting options, migration, and services
Websites supported The amount of websites you need support for.
10-50 websites
10-50 websites
Accessibility for disabled persons Addresses the primary concerns of ada compliance for WordPress based websites. Installed upon request.

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One-off Website Support

Have an issue with your website and are not ready to commit to one of our excellent support subscriptions? No problem, contact our support to find out how we can help!

E-commerce Support

Enhance your e-commerce site with our expert support. Contact us to help run and maintain your store effortlessly!

*Larger projects may take longer than noted turnaround times.
* Please note that once the free trial ends, a MyUnlimitedWP team member will reach out to those with either a Plus Club or Premium Club plan. We’ll need to gather information to: a) migrate your website hosting files b) transfer your domain into our registrar account c) apply SSL (Security License) or d) apply accessibility for disabled persons to website.

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