Finding the right hosting service for your WordPress site

Learn what hosting service is best for you site by comparing what’s available to your specific industry needs.

 The type of WordPress site you have will determine what hosting service you should use. We’ve talked about this before in our article, “What Is The Best Website Design For Your Restaurant?” and it’s still a very relevant topic. Though we’re not focusing solely on the restaurant industry for business, this article will be more inclusive and detailed.

 It’s true, the business you run should influence the website you need and have, and the website you need and have should influence the hosting service you choose. What we mean by this is, if you sell various products, you likely wouldn’t want to opt for a hosting service that only supports blogging, and vice versa. These kinds of comparisons are reasons articles like this exist.

We’ve searched the interwebs for the best curated list of what hosting services are ideal for your specific needs based on your specific industry, including business owners who are looking for something more minimal to business owners who need to display multiple things at once such as multiple products with slight variances or food items. Below is a list of 4 hosting services that are more specific to popular industries such as restaurants and nonprofit organizations.

The best website hosting service for a restaurant

 Bluehost. This is an officially recommended hosting partner by WordPress.org. For IsItWP users, they also offer a free domain name, free SSL certificate, and 60 percent discount on web hosting plans! The way we see it, there are really three different options when it comes to restaurant web hosting companies, and all three are excellent options. It really just depends on what you need. Do you plan to be do online ordering from your website, or is it just a placeholder with a PDF menu that’s relatively static? Are you going to allow customers to make reservations on your website?

Once you create your account and all of that jazz, you’ll need a self-hosted WordPress.org because it gives you full control over your site. The good thing about Bluehost is that it offers 1-click WordPress installation on their dashboard.

 With Bluehost, you don’t have to go through a separate WordPress installation process for your restaurant site. After signing up for a Bluehost plan, all you have to do is choose your WordPress theme, specify the name and tagline for your restaurant website, and you’ll be ready to get started with WordPress.

 After setting up WordPress, the next thing you’ll need to do is to choose a restaurant theme and install it on your website. You also have the option to set up an online reservation system, with the options to add holidays, opening and closing time, and even block the bookings manually. The best thing is that it generates email notifications for you and your customer. As a restaurant owner, you can confirm or reject a booking based on the availability of tables.

The best website hosting service for a nonprofit organization

InMotion. Factors like your budget, required features, and the level of support needed all play a big role when choosing a hosting provider. This web host for nonprofits offers a great balance of value and features. The added bonus of a discount for nonprofits makes it a worthy winner of the title ‘best overall nonprofit hosting provider’.

 The regular monthly price of InMotion’s shared hosting service is $7.49 – $22.99, but if you plan on processing a lot of donation payments, we’d recommend upgrading to VPS hosting. InMotion offers the best VPS hosting of any provider, and comes with bulked up security to keep both your and your pledges’ information secure.

The best website hosting service for an small business (local, mom-and-pop shops, startups, etc.)

 DreamHost. Though small businesses can include NPOs and restaurants, we’re focusing on the all-inclusive small business when researching this web hosting service. DreamHost has no limits on bandwidth, emails or MySQL databases. Your site is secured by a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, and preinstalled WordPress allows you to get a quality site up and running in an afternoon – plus SSD storage as standard will keep performance high.

 Handy extras include the ability to host unlimited domains from a single account. And in a nice touch, DreamHost doesn’t just offer a free domain name with each shared hosting plan (except the monthly plan): there’s free privacy protection, too. If you’ve registered a domain without that, and been inundated with emails and phone calls from ‘website designers’ and assorted scammers, you’ll know how valuable that can be.

 VPS Business plan is especially suited for small businesses as it was built for them according to DreamHost. You get unlimited everything except for storage (60GB). Since it’s a VPS, you’ll use your own server resources for unhindered performance and if the need arises, you can easily scale up the RAM.

The best website hosting service for an eCommerce shop

 A2 Hosting. If you want to sell online, A2 Hosting helps supercharge your store from the get-go by offering ecommerce hosting on every one of its plans. Some eCommerce features include: One-click installations for major ecommerce platforms’ Turbo Servers for faster page loads; multiple SSL certificates to choose from (including free Let’s Encrypt).

 Turbo Servers allow page load speeds up to 20 times faster than regular servers, and other features like SSD storage and unmetered disk space also contribute to a quick user experience. And speed is important, since even a one second delay can reduce conversions by 7 percent.

 This service also offers eCommerce-specific plans for all of its hosting types. Whether you choose a shared, VPS, or dedicated plan, you’ll have an option tailored to the needs of an online store. And the customer support is one of its standout features! The customer support team is available 24/7 via phone and live chat. There’s also a searchable knowledge base full of helpful articles that you can access any time.

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 We hope this list covers the basics and more for you. However, we understand that we likely couldn’t address every specificity. With that in mind, if you still have a question, drop us a message and the team here at MyUnlimitedWP will be happy to share our professional knowledge with you!

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