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Turnaround on changes Larger projects may take longer.
3-5 business days
Anything else you need This covers absolutely anything and everything that you would want us to help you with on your website. Need a new page? Need a new feature? Need something more complicated, this has you covered 100%.
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Website hosting included
Advance managed hosting • Dedicated 25 GIG server with SSD
• Drive dedicated 2 GIG of memory
• Dedicated IP address
• Nightly backups
• Advanced object cache (for enhanced website speed)
• IPv6 protocols (for super fast website delivery and security)
• SSL: Prevent hackers from seeing or changing any information being transferred on your site.
• Covers one website
Important: learn more about our hosting options, migration, and services
Accessibility for disabled persons Addresses the primary concerns of ada compliance for WordPress based websites. Installed upon request.

*Larger projects may take longer than noted turnaround times.
* Please note that once the free trial ends, a MyUnlimitedWP team member will reach out to those with either a Plus Club or Premium Club plan. We’ll need to gather information to: a) migrate your website hosting files b) transfer your domain into our registrar account c) apply SSL (Security License) or d) apply accessibility for disabled persons to website.