Creating an Affiliate Website

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Affiliate Website

Overview: No coding expertise needed — the right set of tools will kick-start your affiliate marketing website in no time.

Affiliate marketing is an inexpensive and popular way to earn money online. But when it comes to managing/creating an affiliate website, there are a lot of moving pieces to consider. Staying in touch with your partners, providing them with key information, and tracking clicks all on your own can be very exhausting!

So, we’ve come up with the simple solution to create an affiliate website. And if you attach your affiliate website with WordPress, it’ll be way more manageable! Let’s learn what this type of marketing is, and how to create an affiliate marketing website, even if you’re not familiar with website design.

Why People Launch Affiliate Marketing Websites:

If you are an entrepreneur or an affiliate marketing expert, chances are you already have a website. However, a dedicated hub where partners can reach out for banners, links, or graphics helps in several ways.

Click-Through Rates (or CTRs) are the backbones of affiliate marketing – having a dedicated affiliate website helps track CTR effectively. Besides that, you’ll also stay on top in sending out payments to ensure that your affiliates are happy with you.

Fun Fact: All these benefits come at a very reasonable cost.

With WordPress, you can launch an affordable affiliate website program with flexible functionality plugins and practical working abilities!

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Launching an Affiliate Website in 5 Simple Steps:

So you’ve finally decided to dedicate a website to managing your affiliate program. Well, this was just the beginning – here’s how you’ll get started in 5 simple steps.

Step #1: Choose the right blogging platform:

The first thing you’ll need to launch a new website is the Content Management System or CMS. Meet WordPress is our personal favorite, and also the most popular choice for website users when it comes to website building.

With more than 55,000+ plugins, WordPress enables its users to customize their websites to meet their exact needs. Does this mean that you can literally make any website any niche? Yes.

If you’re familiar with WordPress and using it as a primary brand’s site, consider using it with multisite. Not only will it create a network with easy to run updates, but it will also maintain a consistent design for the online presence.

Step #2: Customizing Your Affiliate Website:

Once you choose the platform, there’s so much aligned to the website. Design your affiliate website incorporating all the essential features. Remember that the color alignment plays a huge role in defining how your website appeals to the visitors – make sure it’s in accordance with the branding of your affiliate business/company website. The consistency of the branding and website theme ensures the visitors that they are in the right place.

Plugins are awesome, to say the least. From tracking sales to payment systems and other vital tasks, plugins cover a lot about your affiliate program. You can maintain your custom advertisement plans, link to monitor your campaigns and reporting, and more!

In short: plugins implement your affiliate marketing plans to an accessible process.

Step #3: Personalized Affiliate Dashboard:

For your affiliate websites, a personalized dashboard where each partner monitors their progress and access to the information is helpful. Moreover, WordPress enables its users to create accounts out of the box. Plugins like Easy Affiliate offer a full-fledged dashboard where your affiliates can:

  • Track views, commissions, sales, and CTRs
  • Download banners and links
  • View the payment histories
Be it Easy Affiliate or another method, you can ensure your affiliates/influencers have access to all the information and tools to succeed. It will also help with your campaigns and revenues.

Step #4: Share Links to Promote Your Website:

Links are the alpha and omega of affiliate marketing. And while you have the chance to create links manually, there always resides an opportunity that plugins will help, too.

In addition to the text links, affiliates also like to flaunt graphics or banners on their own websites or preferred social media accounts. When it comes to crafting effective campaigns, sharing links over multiple media helps in promoting the brand.

With the Easy Affiliate link management feature, you can upload attractive banners and excellent graphics for your affiliates to use. Besides, you’ll be in charge of creating/designing the banner so you’re the boss!

Step #5: Choose a Catchy Domain Name:

Last but not least is the domain name. Choosing a catchy name in accordance with your brand requires a lot of consideration and thought process. A domain that’s short and easy to type is usually affiliates/users favorite, so they don’t have to put a lot of time into searching/looking for you.

You’re the identity behind your brand and affiliate website – be mindful, target your audience/area, keep it SEO friendly, and avoid numbers and hyphens.

Bonus Tip – All-in-one SEO:

SEO helps get more viewers, drives traffic, and high conversion rates to your website if done well.

SEO or search engine optimization is an essential factor for the website to rank – the better the SEO, the higher the ranking. We suggest you choose the All-in-one SEO plugin, known for being the best.

All-in-one SEO helps you add SEO titles, headers, and sub-headers, generate XML sitemaps, descriptions, and meta descriptions, and connect your website to Google Search Console – paving a way to optimize it for social media.

My Unlimited WP has a wonderful, professional, and friendly team ready to take off with everything website-related.  


Creating an affiliate website sounds intense, but with the correct information and proper tools, building one is literally a piece of cake. Pre-planning always works the best, so we hope that this blog helps you get started! In case of any confusion or mishap, don’t panic and reach out to us for a satisfactory consultation.

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