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3 ways your business can benefit from unlimited web support services

Learn how you can benefit from website development and support no matter your industry

Having a good website support as a business owner is important because websites require regular care.

When you don’t pay attention to your website, this can drastically hurt your business. Enterprises with outdated websites are often considered reckless and unreliable by consumers.

And if you neglect your company’s website, it’ll soon become outdated and unappealing to consumers (and will fall into the deep, dark hole of unattractive and outdated websites of the past).

But what exactly are the benefits of having a webmaster to care for your website? Let’s take a look at 4 industries that we’ve worked with over the years, and how they’ve benefited from using our unlimited web support services:

  • Restaurants

  • Small Businesses & Nonprofits

  • Churches

  • Ecommerce

Apart from all the marketing benefits, we’ll see how websites play a huge role to improve company’s overall reputation.


  1. Maintain your website when you don’t have time

Many entrepreneurs don’t have enough time to maintain their website on a daily basis, but there are several important things that need to be done for your website to be visible. Renewing your domain name is one of them.

If you forget to renew your domain name, somebody else can purchase it, build their website on that address, and offer services that are competitive with yours.

Also, if you forget to renew your domain name, you can lose a lot of potential customers.

Even if you don’t post any content for years, your website will still be online and potential customers will be able to read the most important information about your company. A good webmaster will remind clients about the domain name and hosting expiration dates.

  1. Provide updates and maintenance

Would you purchase a product or a service from a company that has a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated for a decade or so? Likely not. Why? Because, as we mentioned earlier, this makes the business seem as though it’s negligent or doesn’t care.

Websites need a lot of time to expire, but digital and tech trends change quickly — website and UX design trends and Google algorithms change manually and sometimes even a monthly basis.

And if you’re running an old version of WordPress, your website security might be at stake. Older versions might be subjected to dangerous cyber-attacks that can lead to big data breaches.

Having unlimited website support means you get access to new and updated features.

  1. Secure & back up your website

If the other 2 benefits didn’t convince you to get unlimited website support services, security is probably the most important reason for having a reliable website support.

Data breaches happen all the time. We hear about them in the news — but only when a big company gets hit. Still, websites of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals can be affected by hackers because many companies and individuals keep sensitive data on their servers.

In the case of a data breach, data can be lost resulting in lawsuits or even bankruptcy. But website support notifies you whenever someone tries to breach your server space.

Your webmaster can help protect your website, its data, and to mitigate the consequences of a cyber-attack. Every webmaster should back up websites on a regular basis. The best way to do this is after adding a new piece of content.

Even if you don’t backup your website and it goes down due to a cyber-attack or a dangerous malware, the website support usually runs backups for all website on their servers. This way, you can ask them to put it back up.

Website support backups are being done at all times, even after hours, so in most cases, you won’t lose a single content piece. [Source]


Restaurants have reopened and reconnected.

There’s nothing better than good food, better service, and a super easy and tasteful website to make customers’ food experiences ideal. But that experience isn’t possible with a website that isn’t updated. We’re talking:

  • outdated menu items

  • expired dinner promotions

  • defunct links/404 pages

For restaurants, a website is one of the most essential marketing and sales tools. When your restaurant’s website is functional, current, and accurate, everyone benefits.

The best way to prepare your restaurant for any mandated shutdowns while withstanding competitors and pushing through unexpected circumstances is to keep your website updated — even on a budget.

One of our clients, Redlands Ranch Market, is a grocery store that focuses on providing 1) unique international finds and 2) authentic Mexican food to those in the Redlands community.

One way they’ve been able to engage their current audience and attract new customers such as people who eat keto food is by keeping their website updated with new products and departments. They also engage customers on social media to ensure their customers feel seen and heard.

Check out Redlands Ranch Market and see what’s new with their website. https://redlandsranchmarket.com/

What’s something your website could benefit from with which we can help? It could be something as simple as updating your menu items or responding to customer inquiries.

Small businesses are taking big control of their success.

As a small business, part of your reputation relies on your website. Is a bad website worth the risk of decreasing your business’s credibility and branding?

If your services aren’t updated, promotional items are expired, and “404 Not Found” pages litter your website, imagine the message your business is sending to your customers and prospects.

Your customers want to know that you care, and it starts with your website.

Right There Repair is a small repair business that focuses on repairing broken or damaged devices in the Inland Empire. Though they’ve since expanded from one traveling repair truck to 3 brick-and-mortar locations, we’ve been able to help them manage these updates on their website over time.

They’ve since had to add new locations/addresses and additional services such as motherboard repair services. And with new locations opening up, it was beneficial for them to reach out to us, tell our webmaster and the team to update the website to reflect such changes, and carry on with their tasks.

Check out the Right There Repair website for updates on services, deals, and more! https://rightthererepair.com

Churches and other religious organizations have expanded their purpose & reached more individuals/attracted more members.

There’s nothing better than clicking on a church’s website and getting all the information you need to support the congregation! But faith-seekers can’t support your mission if your church’s website isn’t up-to-date.

Last year, Buen Pastor Church reached out to our team for help in designing a website that was simple, easy to navigate, and accurate with information. They wanted the website to include:

  • translation button from English to Spanish

  • access to live sermons via a video stream

  • calendar with schedule of events/sermons

When it comes to having your purpose reach all walks of people, providing accurate information such as updated service times, events, and recent news on your organization’s website are crucial to the spiritual wellbeing of your members.

Make sure your church and its members are prepared to endure any mandated shutdowns and persevere through unexpected circumstances even on a budget.

eCommerce businesses are able to better manage their  brand identity & consumer experience.

There’s nothing better for online consumers than great merchandise organized on an awesome online platform. But your site needs to stand out and be fine-tuned in order to build that B2C relationship.

One of our clients is Games For Fun and they sell home game room products such as tables and furniture.

Not only can they update products as needed, but they can also highlight sale products, new products, and products based on a specific category such as pool or foosball.

If you’re an eCommerce business, you can fine-tune your online presence to send the right message to consumers; they want to purchase and your online site could be their resource.

Building an eCommerce store is more than just launching a commerce site. Prepare your eCommerce business to survive any mandated shutdowns, withstand competitors, and push through unexpected circumstances even on a budget.

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